Here are the feedback of satisfied clients!

There are wine tours and Wine Tours. And Franciacorta Tour is a Tour to remember.
We had the most funny, high quality, luxurious, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and sparkling day in the Franciacorta area with our guide Antonio
and felt most heartwarmingly welcomed to the wineries in our program.
Lunch was amazing, views breathtaking and wines something to remember

Johanna B. | 07 October 2019

– What do you think about website? Are the packages and the proposals clear?

Honestly, it was a  while ago but I do not recall feeling that anything was unclear. The emails back and forth were the most helpful part.

– How your experience was with assistance during the booking process?

Excellent, good communication

– Did you enjoy the Franciacorta area and the wines?

Loved it.  We were already familiar with the area, maybe a  bit unusual for Americans.

– How did you evaluate wineries and restaurant?

A good cross-section of wineries. Lunch was very good.  Enjoyed the location and food

– What do you think about your tour guide during the day tour?

Great job.   Really enjoyed him.  He was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  Really wanted us to tour and appreciate the wines

– Do you have any suggestions to give us to improve ourselves?

My only thought would be to provide a list of what wines are available in the US through what distributors.  While your shipping service was an option, it still adds a good bit to the cost.  That said, your group did a great job and I would be happy to recommend you to others.   

Lee C. | 03 September 2019

Hi Marco,

Hope you are well. We just wanted to say a massive thank you for our tour on the 9th. We had such a lovely day and felt very welcome and at home throughout the day.
Just wanted to let you know we had a bottle of Franciacorta Saten on our last night (they had multiple Franciacorta bottles on the wine list!).
We only had fish (Diego had recommended Saten) and it was a perfect match!
We’ll definitely be recommending the tour to our friends and family, and hope to see you in the near future.

Many thanks,
Andrew and Esther

Esther B. | 19 August 2019

Highlight of our trip. Highly recommend!

We contacted Marco pretty last minute for a private tour for 7 people.
He was exceptionally responsive and organized through email and made booking very easy!
A private car picked us all up in Milan and brought us to one winery in the morning, lunch, and one winery in the afternoon.
The wine was delightful, the portions hearty, and the food delicious.
I would highly recommend this experience to anyone traveling to the area.
Thank you, Marco!

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Chelsea J. | 02 June 2019

Thanks a lot for organizing a fantastic tour for our family last Friday in Brescia/Franciacorta.
All three bottles of the sparkling wine brought safely to Oslo😀


Jan O. | 08 April 2018

Group Trip to the winery

My friends and I visited Milan for the first time. One of the activities that we wanted to do is a winery. The Franciacorta Winery Tour was not a disappointment.
Marco picked us up from our hotel in Milan. We visited two wineries and had a lovely lunch. Although it rained during the tour, the rain did not stop us from having fun.
I would highly recommend the tour. Marco was our guide. He was very attentive. We learned a lot from him and enjoyed our time with him.

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Dorothy | 05 November 2018

Perfect tour
Very enjoyable
Marco was great


Donna C. | 10 october 2018

Excellent, informative wine tour

We very much enjoyed our time in the beautiful Franciacorta region & this tour definitely helped to acclimate us to the area & educate us about the local wine, with which we were previously unfamiliar.
Marco was our guide & he was very friendly, knowledgeable & reliable. We were able to customize our tour based on our schedule.
He picked us up from our hotel in a comfortable, air conditioned Mercedes van. Our tour consisted of visits to two beautiful wineries, Mosnel & Bonomi, and lunch at an excellent local restaurant. The wine was amazing & both wineries provided informative tours, in English, & generous tastings.
We did not feel rushed & everyone seemed genuinely excited to accommodate us. Unfortunately, due to import restrictions & shipping costs, it was not practical to ship wine back to Florida, so we had to satisfy ourselves with purchasing several bottles from each winery, which we happily enjoyed over the next several days of our travels!
The cost for the tour was very reasonable & Marco was prompt & accurate in communicating with us, via email, in advance. Would definitely recommend if you are in this locale. Bravo Marco!

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Jamit | 07 October 2018
We had a wonderful time! See my answers below:
– What do you think about website? Are the packages and the proposals -clear?
The website was very well designed and everything about the different packages was clear.
– How your experience was with assistance during the booking process?
Booking was very easy and fast…especially since we did this on short notice.
– Did you enjoy the Franciacorta area and the wines?
It was a beautiful area and a wonderful set of wines!
– How did you evaluate the wineries and the restaurant selected for you?
Both the wineries we visited were wonderful! I would go back to either if I were ever in the area again. Really, superb!
– What do you think about the assistance during the day tour?
Wonderful and better than expected. Keep up the good work.
– Do you have any suggestions to give us to improve ourselves?
Overall this was a wonderful experience that we won’t forget. I don’t think you need to change much. Perhaps trying to find a winery that pairs their wines with the different lunch courses would be better than going to a separate place for lunch? Just a thought.
Thank you for everything and we hope we can come back to that Franciacorta sometime soon!
-Tom and Andi
Thomas V. | 01 october 2018

Dear Franciacorta tour, Marco and Enrico,

We have a general comment that we are very pleased with the Tour, we have met interesting, knowledgeable people and learned a lot about the laborious wine industry. We will definitely return to this very nice area again. Your website is very good and we are very pleased with all the information we have received, and the gorgeous wines from your area.

Thanks again for very interesting day.

Grethe and Jan

Grethe L. | 26 september 2018


Our tour was great! To answer some of your questions, I do think your website is good and clear overall. There were just two things that were not very clear on the Shared Tour page – it is not very clear where the tour begins, so some general information about departing from Milan would have been helpful. Also more information about the “typical food” included would be helpful. Of course, you eventually answered these questions for me during our email exchange. Overall thought, great experience that we enjoyed so much thanks to Marco. Thanks very much for the promo code! And yes, you have our permission to use the photo 🙂
Best, Cara
Cara D. | 03 september 2018

The best day! Don’t miss it!

A friend and I were staying in Milan for a long weekend and wanted at least one day out of the city for a wine tour.
We are so glad that Google pointed us to Marco and his tour company. Our daytrip was simply fantastic.
Marco was excellent to communicate with as we set up our tour and when the day came to our guide Antonio, a sommelier and winemaker with a PhD in wine chemistry, picked us up promptly at 9am.
It was a pleasant ride to Franciacorta and we learned a lot about wine along the way. We stopped for a sweeping view of the area and then went on to our first stop – a small, lovely winery where we had an extensive cellar tour and tasting.
This was followed by lunch, a second winery tour and tasting, and a bit of sight seeing on the way back.
It was a wonderful day that I recommend for wine lovers and those who are new to wine.
I hope to return and taste more extensively, and maybe even stay by Lake Iseo. When I do I will definitely take another Franciaorta Tour.
The region is just stunning and the wines are fantastic, but most of all the staff is wonderful to work with and so knowledgable about wine and the terroir.
Thank you Marco and Antonio!

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Poppy | 02 August 2018

Certainly, I had a great time while visiting some vineyards with my husband. Franciacorta not only has great sparkling win but unique people like you, knowledgeable, professional and kind.

Beatriz O. | 06 july 2018

We have booked a wine-tasting-tour to Franciacorta with Marco and Roberto.
They have been really helpful in suggesting good ideas for our trip.
We are very pleased with the high-quality services they delivered.
Thanks a lot, guys!

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Olga | 11 September 2017

Thank you planning such a fabulous day in Franciacorta! I loved it!!

Chris G. | 06 july 2018

Highlight of our trip!

This bike tour through the Franciacorta region was one of the highlights of our trip!
We loved the biking, the wine, the scenery, and especially our guide Roberto.
Highly recommend!

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Danielle | 02 July 2018

Amazing tour in Franciacorta!

Our group of 4 went on a bike tour of the Franciacorta region (start and end point in Iseo) with Roberto as our guide.
It was truly incredible and was the highlight of our entire trip to Italy.
We went on an approximately 10km ride to Solive winery, which we couldn’t recommend any higher.
The winemaker took us a fascinating tour of the facility, and we ended up splitting about 4 bottles of sparkling wine – definitely try the Pas Dose.
After the winery, we did another 10km ride back to Iseo.
The views were spectacular, the wine was excellent, but the best part of the day was our guide Roberto – he was fantastic!

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David | 15 June 2018

This tour with Marco was the highlight of our trip to Italy!

Our tour included visits to 2 wineries – 1 large and 1 smaller one.
We also had a delicious lunch.
Marco was delight to work with; he was very responsive and really went above and beyond by accommodating some of our special requests (even after the tour was over).
It was the perfect day for our group of 6.

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Margie | 28 May 2018

We booked our Franciacorta tour through Marco who gave us a variety of options for our day.
We visited two very different wineries and had lunch at a great trattoria in Rovato (Quattro Roses).
Marco is very knowledgeable about wine, history, and the geography of the Franciacorta region.
He is also very personable and by the end of the day we felt like Marco was an old friend.
Marco gave us valuable information about some of the other places we visited during our trip and he turned us onto two amazing restaurants we didn’t know about.
We hope Marco expands his business so we can book him for other tours the next time we’re in Italy.

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Karen | 11 October 2017

Excellent Tour from Milan to Franciacorta

Marco provided us a great day trip for our family while visiting our daughter in Milan.
Everything about the trip was perfect.
He was very accommodating from the booking process, organizing the tour, to the actual event.
His choice of the two wineries for varied experiences was spot on. This included a lunch at a restaurant that was overlooking the vineyards and was fantastic.
He was sure to entertain our special food needs during a Lenten Friday.
We all discussed that Marco provided the perfect touch of cultural assistance and guidance, but personal space when appropriate.
Would highly recommend using Marco for a day trip to the Franciacorta district when visiting Milan.

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Mike | 08 March 2017

Amazing Day Touring Franciacorta and sipping wine!

Marco and Roberto were both extremely helpful in planning our unique private tour.
Roberto picked us up promptly from our hotel in Bergamo and whisked us away to Franciacorta.
We visited two wineries, one a smaller private production and the other, the biggest Franciacorta producer in the region.
We explained how we enjoy red wine and they tailored our tour to accommodate. Roberto also explained a bit about the area and the history of the wine making region.
We had a fantastic lunch where we tried some local delicacies and finished off the tour with a walk along Lake Iseo.
This was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about Franciacorta and tasting some amazing sparkling wine.

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Erin | 07 March 2017

Wine Tour in Franciacorta

I contacted Marco for some help to organize a wine tour in Franciacorta.
He has been extremely professional in giving advice and taking care of the whole organization.
Definitely a positive experience.

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Martino | 20 Febraury 2017

Perfect Day in Wine Country

I contacted Marco with a request for a tour in the Franciacorta wine region from our hotel in Brescia.
We chose this destination because we love wine, and read about the area in a travel magazine. Marco did not disappoint. He met every request ahead of time and made us feel comfortable.

Roberto picked us up promptly and we traveled to three wineries, each one different in terms of their production. We were able to see a medium-sized winery with a lot of history, a large scale producer that ships globally and a small family run operation – my personal favorite. Lunch was provided at a very nice restaurant in the area, we took a trip to Lake Iseo, saw interesting historical sights, had time for a cappuccino and every question we had was answered expertly by Roberto.
He even gave us tips on where to go the next day, and a restaurant recommendation for dinner that evening. We could not have had a better day.

I feel that we received great value with this tour, and when (not if) we come back we will be sure to contact Marco again.

Thank you both for a memorable day!

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Ellen | 16 November 2016

Great Wine Tour

Our guide took us to places we would never have found ourselves.
Great service skills and the ability to guide us around.
We had a great time and ability to explore the wine area of Franciacorta.
Can highly recommend!

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Lisa | 11 October 2016

The Best Kept Secret in Italy

If you are a wine lover, like me, you MUST visit Franciacorta! This charming area is full of friendly people, great food and delicious and interesting sparkling wines near Lake Iseo. How did I not know about this treasure before?!

The best way to experience Franciacorta is with Marco Donda. His tour was a perfectly paced visit to three different vineyards with a delicious lunch in between.
The process of making Franciacorta is fascinating and I learned a lot! The wine tasting was AMAZING! The scenery spectacular! Marco starts as a guide and quickly becomes a friend.
I recommend that you visit Franciacorta just to take this tour! It was one of the best days ever!

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Michele | 11 October 2016

Outstanding Day, Memorable

Marco spent the day with us and shared his obvious passion, respect and love for all things Franciacorta and Lombardia.
Planning was seamless and nothing was too much trouble for Marco and Roberto. The day itself was outstanding.
The winery choices by Marco were exactly what we were interested in. Lunch was fresh, tasty and more than sufficient.
The drive was relaxed and allowed conversation to flow; no question went unanswered and Marco found time to share in the history, sights, and sounds of this amazing region outside the standard tour.
A walk on the edge of Lake Iseo, gelato in hand a great way to end a wonderful day. If you want to explore, taste and immerse yourself while staying in or near Franciacorta (day trips from Milan possible too) then definitely consider Marco and Franciacorta Tours.

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Jon | 30 September 2016

Excellent guide and services

I had nothing but first class assistance throughout in planning and experiencing my stay to see the piers and look at some ancient rock carvings/pictures.

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Barbara | 20 August 2016

Franciacorta Tour

I have to say Marco is the best tour guide I have ever dealt with hands down!
I stayed in Milano for a couple of nights with two friends and decided we were going to go to Brescia to visit a couple of wineries they had in that local area.
We found Marco online, briefed him on what we wanted to do and within 15 minutes he had set up an itinerary for us that lasted a whole day.
He drove us around and showed us monuments and a beautiful lake nearby Brescia.
If you are looking for a tour guide that will get you into exclusive wineries and show you around Brescia, Marco and Roberto are who you should contact.

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Andrew | 18 August 2016

Mission impossible

We were taken to the Christo “walk on water” construction … the entire trip having been managed by Marco … from inception to conclusion.
Marco was attentive, caring and knowledgeable. We have retained his contacts and will use him and recommend him.

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Alex | 18 July 2016

Walking on water

With the help of Franciacorta Tour we DID walk on water, i.e. On the FLoating Piers of Christo on the Lake Iseo.
Franciacorta Tour’s Marco has taken us to the lake and back , introduced us to the region which is lovely. Took us to a hotel , Casa Adea, which with its stunning view was a discovery.
They were Inventive, professional, and a very good company during our short but enjoyable visit.
Marco, representing the company was very helpful, generous and ready for all adventures.
High recommended if you are in the area!

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Kati | 12 July 2016

Great custom tour for us!

We were not that interested in the sparkling wines but we wanted to see the old architecture and interesting parts of the region as well as do a couple of wineries just to get a feel.
They picked the perfect places for us, we loved our lunch and all of it! Thanks!

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Holly | 11 July 2016

July 2016 Franciacorta Tour!

We had a great time on the Franciacorta Tour. From the beginning booking was easy and Marco communicated the reservation and payment. Roberto guided us to a winery & a grappa distillery. The tour included a full course lunch at a local restaurant. I had booked a special tour for the floating piers where Roberto brought us out to.

I felt that Marco & Roberto did a great job of going out of their way to create a good experience for someone visiting a little area of Italy.

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Anastasia | 11 July 2016

Thank you Marco! I found the ways in which you assisted me in having a marvelous experience was over the top and would be glad to recommend your assistance to someone else.

Barbara J. | 27 june 2016

Amazing time – Marco is the man

Myself and a group of 4 other friends stayed in Milan for a few days and decided that we would incorporate a wine tour in Franciacorta into our itinerary. We corresponded with Marco a few weeks before we left and set up the tour. He gave us a great list of places that we would go and said that he would be our driver for the day as well.

We took the train from Milan out to Franciacorta and met with Marco who picked us up in a tour van to begin our journey. We ended up going to see three different wineries, two much smaller with a family ownership that just specialize in making VERY good wine, and another larger operation (still delicious) to give us something to compare the others to. Our tour took the better part of the day, and I wouldn’t have changed anything about it. As part of the tour Marco took us out to Lake Iseo (which was BEAUTIFUL) and we took the ferry out to the island and grabbed some drinks.

I would recommend this tour to anyone who plans on travelling the region and wants to taste some truly delicious Italian wine and experience the countryside without breaking your bank. Marco was an awesome tour guide and I wish him the best on all future tours. I plan on returning sometime in the next couple of years with my fiancee to relive the experience.

Thanks for the tour Marco!!

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Chase | 25 june 2016

The area and the wines are very good, go there!

Maria | 11 march 2013