Here are the feedback of satisfied clients!

Perfect tour
Very enjoyable
Marco was great


Donna C. | 10 october 2018
We had a wonderful time! See my answers below:
– What do you think about website? Are the packages and the proposals -clear?
The website was very well designed and everything about the different packages was clear.
– How your experience was with assistance during the booking process?
Booking was very easy and fast…especially since we did this on short notice.
– Did you enjoy the Franciacorta area and the wines?
It was a beautiful area and a wonderful set of wines!
– How did you evaluate the wineries and the restaurant selected for you?
Both the wineries we visited were wonderful! I would go back to either if I were ever in the area again. Really, superb!
– What do you think about the assistance during the day tour?
Wonderful and better than expected. Keep up the good work.
– Do you have any suggestions to give us to improve ourselves?
Overall this was a wonderful experience that we won’t forget. I don’t think you need to change much. Perhaps trying to find a winery that pairs their wines with the different lunch courses would be better than going to a separate place for lunch? Just a thought.
Thank you for everything and we hope we can come back to that Franciacorta sometime soon!
-Tom and Andi
Thomas V. | 01 october 2018

Dear Franciacorta tour, Marco and Enrico,

We have a general comment that we are very pleased with the Tour, we have met interesting, knowledgeable people and learned a lot about the laborious wine industry. We will definitely return to this very nice area again. Your website is very good and we are very pleased with all the information we have received, and the gorgeous wines from your area.

Thanks again for very interesting day.

Grethe and Jan

Grethe L. | 26 september 2018


Our tour was great! To answer some of your questions, I do think your website is good and clear overall. There were just two things that were not very clear on the Shared Tour page – it is not very clear where the tour begins, so some general information about departing from Milan would have been helpful. Also more information about the “typical food” included would be helpful. Of course, you eventually answered these questions for me during our email exchange. Overall thought, great experience that we enjoyed so much thanks to Marco. Thanks very much for the promo code! And yes, you have our permission to use the photo 🙂
Best, Cara
Cara D. | 03 september 2018

Certainly, I had a great time while visiting some vineyards with my husband. Franciacorta not only has great sparkling win but unique people like you, knowledgeable, professional and kind.

Beatriz O. | 06 july 2018

We have booked a wine-tasting-tour to Franciacorta with Marco and Roberto.
They have been really helpful in suggesting good ideas for our trip.
We are very pleased with the highquality services they delivered.
Thanks a lot, guys!

Olga B. | 06 july 2018

My husband and I had a great experience with Franciacorta Tour.
Leading up to the tour, the company was very responsive and helpful with planning.
On the day of the tour, they arrived to pick us up right on time in Milan in a private car.
Within 1.5 we kicked off things at our first vineyard of the day, followed by lunch, and then another vineyard.
Everything was executed perfectly, and the wine/lunch included in the tour was amazing!
Highly recommend this tour for anyone staying in the area.

Victoria W. | 06 july 2018

Thank you planning such a fabulous day in Franciacorta! I loved it!!

Chris G. | 06 july 2018

Thank you Marco! I found the ways in which you assisted me in having a marvelous experience was over the top and would be glad to recommend your assistance to someone else.

Barbara J. | 27 june 2016

Our tour took the better part of the day, and I wouldn’t have changed anything about it.
I would recommend this tour to anyone who plans on travelling the region and wants to taste some truly delicious Italian wine and experience the countryside without breaking your bank. Marco was an awesome tour guide and I wish him the best on all future tours…

Chase | 27 june 2016

The area and the wines are very good, go there!

Maria | 11 march 2013